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The NOVURANIA Flexographic Novaflex Plate has been specifically developed for direct laser engraving (DE plates), this technology allows for total CTP production, eliminating the need for
solvent disposal.

The digital technology allows for greater control on dot angles as well as controlling the depth of the non printing area, allowing better definition on the screens that result in much longer print
runs between cleaning.

The various rubber compounds have been designed for clean removal of waste with practically no residue remaining using a variety of lasers types.

A big development effort has been put in the sensitivity of the compound to the laser beam. The very high sentisity obtained, allows quicker ablation and lower energy consumption for the
preparation of the plate.

Currently the Novaflex Plate is available with EPDM, SBR or NBR compound. The different compounds allows for better chemical resistance with different types of ink for much better ink

The EPDM compound is available in a variety of shore hardness’s to optimize print result on different substrates.

The plate is available in 3 standard gauges (1,14-1,70 and 2,84 mm) although other gauges can be produced on request.

The construction of the plate can be plastic backed (PB) to allow better adhesion of double sided adhesive tape or rubber backed (RB) for a smoother finish.


- Burns cleanly with any type of laser

- Fumes are non toxic, non etching and non corrosive

- Leaves practically no ash or residue (it can be cleaned with compressed air after engraving)

- High definition possible (over 100 lines per cm)

- Works with almost any ink and solvent due to the variety of compounds available

- Extremely long runs (up to 10 times longer that with typical photo polymeric plates)

- Lower percentage screens possible

- Better dot quality and ink transfer

- Higher sensitivity reduces engraving time and energy

- Can be used for printing of coating


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